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Substance Abuse Treatment

A lot of people use alcohol and drugs without getting addicted. However, the consumption goes beyond control and becomes a problem leading to dangerous repercussions, abnormal behaviors, excessive cravings, and difficult-to-cope-with withdrawal symptoms. This harmful pattern of using alcohol and drugs for mood-alteration and pleasure is known as substance abuse. The earlier it is treated, the better.
At The Right Choice Counseling, our treatment approach focuses on how an individual wants us to address his or her substance dependence. We interact with each patient one-on-one and understand whether they want to entirely abstain from using alcohol and drugs or wish to cut down on the consumption. Accordingly, we provide a neutral safe space and a customized treatment plan that help them change their equation with substances and return to normal. Evening classes and limited daytime classes are also available.

Intensive Outpatient TreatmentOutpatient Treatment
72-hours of Intensive Treatment over eight weeksLength will vary according to the patient's needs

Alcohol and Drug Information School

This eight-hour one-day class is held on the third Saturday of every month. Receive information about the effects of substances on the body. Learn how substance abuse influences your decision-making abilities. Get educated about the law regarding driving under the influence. Our treatment is designed to help you make informed decisions and better choices in the future.

Call to Schedule an Appointment 360-373-4077

Call to Schedule an Appointment 360-373-4077