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Anger Management Classes

At The Right Choice Counseling, we help you learn the steps to stay calm when you are angry and channelize your energy into doing something constructive. We understand anger is a normal human emotion. However, holding onto it for too long can cause emotional distress and keep you away from happiness. Our job is to help you control and reduce the emotional outburst caused by anger, and teach you how to respond to situations in a socially appropriate manner than react to them.

As each individual comes with unique requirements, we offer customized treatment plans. Our anger management programs are tailored to meet individual needs with efficacy. Providing our patients with all the tools and techniques for positive changes, we help them work on themselves, improve interpersonal relationships, upgrade their emotional health and learn ways to cope with a complex multi-cultural environment. At The Right Choice Counseling, we help you grow from struggles to smiles.

About Our Anger Management Classes

Our basic program consists of an eight-hour, one-day class given on the third Saturday of every month, where individuals can learn healthy ways to deal with anger. This class meets the requirements of a Level 1 program. For those who require more classes, we have individual or group sessions available.

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Call to Schedule an Appointment 360-373-4077