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The Right Choice Counseling extends its helping hand to the parents of children who have witnessed domestic violence. Our curriculum is designed to assist individuals in understanding what domestic violence is and how it affects the children at home. Our goal is to educate parents, encourage them to talk to their children about violence and help them devise safety plans to protect their kids from future abuse.
Living with violence can distort the way you raise a child. Although you want the best for your kids, not being in the right state of mind can become a parenting hindrance. At The Right Choice Counseling, we introduce you to simple ways to reach out to your children, connect with them and make them feel loved. Because domestic violence is a complicated issue, we address it with the grace and competency it warrants.

Our Parenting Program

We offer 24 hours of domestic violence parenting classes over 12 weeks. Our programs are designed to help survivors and children cope with their trauma. We are here to make you understand that the anxiety and overwhelming feeling would pass. We are here to assist you in taking ownership over your own lives.

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Call to Schedule an Appointment 360-373-4077

Call to Schedule an Appointment 360-373-4077